Tree Felling and Tree Removal

Arbortec tree surgeons have the equipment, qualifications and experience to fell and remove large trees, process them on site and remove all waste.

Tree Felling

There are normally a number of valid reasons to fell a tree. Either the tree is diseased, dead or has become dangerous and needs to be removed entirely. Sometimes trees need to be removed to make way for new developments.
If space permits this can be accomplished by directional felling. When there is not sufficient space to fell a tree intact, we carry out a controlled 'sectional fell' where the tree is dismantled in sections from the top down.
The sectional felling process is undertaken using lowering ropes, pulleys and friction brakes to safely control every stage of the operation. When each section reaches the ground, our team processes the section for removal.
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When a tree is diseased, dead or has become dangerous and needs to be removed entirely.
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Tree Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

Photo of Stump Grinding by Arbor-tec Tree Care
Our normal operation involves removing the main root ball of a stump to a depth of approximately 150mm below ground level. We have three types of machine, which means we can grind out any stump, any size, all subject to access of course.
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Removing unwanted tree stumps.
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Site Clearance

We have specialist machinery to remove trees, shrubs, hedges, stumps and roots. This work is often carried out for new development projects.

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Timber Milling

Photo of on site Timber Milling by Arbor-tec Tree Care

We are an environmentally friendly company and ensure to recycle the trees we fell. We have the equipment and capability to turn your felled trees into valuable, usable timber planks or beams quickly and efficiently on-site.

24hr Emergency Call Out

Photo of Emergency Call Out by Arbor-tec Tree Care

Arbor-tec’s specially trained and fully insured team are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We come equipped for all eventualities and can deal with most situations immediately. Our average response time is usually within the hour during the day, and within two hours outside normal working hours.

Our tree surgeons carry portable generators and emergency lighting for night work as well as emergency traffic control equipment. We can react quickly and to co-ordinate crisis situations like power and road shut downs. We can assist with photographing, advising and compiling reports for insurance claims as well.

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